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The Four Bodies Explained

Each individual has Four Bodies, the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

The PHYSICAL BODY relates to Self-healing. Physiological symptoms indicate conflicts within the Physical Body. Factors such as diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep and fasting promote healthy cells, organs and physiological functionings. Living in alignment with your personal constitution promotes self-healing. Focusing, visualization, proper breathing and meditation allow positive energy ("prana" or "qi") to flow through all parts of your Physical Body.

The EMOTIONAL BODY is a key gateway to vitality. It addresses Self-awareness. Clearing emotional reactivity and unresponsiveness allows for full emotional expression of genuine, heartfelt feelings. This Self-awareness creates happiness within, and strong healthy relationships without. This promotes an abundant life on all levels.

The MENTAL BODY speaks to your level of Self-confidence. We need self-confidence to be all we can be in life. A healthy mental body gives us clarity, concentration, will power, discipline and joy in all our thoughts, words and deeds. To achieve this, we need to review and enhance our Identity, Beliefs and Values, Capabilities, Attitudes, Behaviours and Environment (Inner and Outer). See Life Path Series in Course Selections.

The SPIRITUAL BODY addresses the aspect of Self-unity with All That Is. It's really the difference between being your soul essence rather than doing what you've been programmed to do. Ancient wisdom asserts that lack of unity within the Spiritual Body is the origin of all illness. The Spiritual Body--while being the most pervasive, important and immortal Body--is nonetheless the least recognized today. The Diamond Crystal Heart is the gateway to the Spiritual Body.

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