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Heart Ways of Knowing and Being
Participant Evaluation Form November 24-26th 2006

What did you like best about the course?
  • The commitment to deep truth and support for it
  • The music
  • The meditation processes
  • The love and acceptance. The perfect harmony
  • I felt totally loved and accepted of who I am and what I am. I felt safe to allow myself to open up and not be looked down upon
  • Soul Retrieval
  • The supportive and loving environment – the Instructors!
  • Getting in touch with the inner child and bringing up issues to work on
  • Great meditations and interactions after each experience
  • Your experience and sharing it with us. Dancing and horning the victories – inner journeys; interdependency versus co-dependency
  • Healing meditations, dance, art, poetry, sharing, acceptance – EVERYTHING!!
  • The powerful clearing techniques used to facilitate our letting go of all that is truly not us or true. The powerful reintegration of soul fragments
  • All of it!
  • Guided imagery
  • Vision quests and rebirthing. Finally getting my pieces all back together
  • Joyful participation – a slice in time devoted to exploration of new dimensions using creative joy and lightness
  • The guided visualizations and the sharings and interpretations that followed each

What did you learn?
  • To remember
  • That living in love or with the heart doesn’t have to be hard
  • I learned to take the time to give to myself in the form of meditation, process and quiet time more frequently
  • It was a re-birth, a reawakening; a full and complete experience of becoming whole again on all levels
  • I learned to open my heart and let the light flow
  • Everything
  • That when properly guided, positive change can happen in a few days. Tools that will help consolidate and further gains derived from “living in the heart”
  • That love is so important – must get rid of blockages; trust
  • How to live from the heart and to trust in whatever comes about through my meditations and my heart
  • Learning about directing energy upwards not sideways. I learned that my connection is with Source and I can use my fine will to connect with Source at will
  • To be me – to accept love and “gifts” because I am worthy; before I felt unworthy. To honor myself
  • Much of what you teach is also incorporated in the coaching methodology I use. They are wholistic life transforming tools based in Body, Mind and Spirit
  • How to know Babaji in my silence
  • I learned how to let go of fear and transmute it into a more useful energy for the universe
  • Trust my heart
  • Claiming my life
  • More than I can write here and all precious. The single most important thing is that I can become enlightened in this life and still choose to come back. Life’s purpose is to become whole so that Heaven on Earth can be experienced here on Earth

Which Experiential techniques did you appreciate?
  • The journeys were great this time. And the drawing/poem exercise was well timed
  • The guided meditations
  • All of them
  • All of them. The integration of so many different techniques and forms is very powerful
  • Letting go of my fear of unworthiness and the unknown
  • Qi Gong, all grounding techniques esp. appreciated the nudge to be here completely, live as your soul, go ‘all the way’ – gateway
  • All, especially the guided meditations
  • The guided meditations and talking-listening; opening up with others, blessing our ancestors – big help for me
  • Art and poem; soul retrieval
  • Breathing exercises; meeting with Dendreah
  • All of them
  • For me the experience of going back through my lineage was enlightening and freeing
  • Dreamscape; fear circle; soul retrieval
  • Dreamtime creations
  • Dancing into my power with song and music
  • All of them. I became aware of the issue for simplifying my mind to be open, to move into fresh experience
  • Guided visualizations brought me the greatest opening and knowledge

What Spiritual and Emotional changes did you make?
  • New commitment to change and respect. Connecting with Source and renewed self-empowerment
  • I feel more in tune and in touch with my divinity. I am calmer, happier, more confident
  • Greater integration on all levels
  • Again, I feel reborn, grounded, integration and open, energized, in my power, full of love and light
  • To let the spiritual energy flow through me. To feel my emotions and embrace them
  • I cleared the past gunk, the fears, the challenges, took my power back. Became whole again and found myself
  • In opening of the heart, an appreciation of more “helpers” than I knew existed. Tools and methods to further my spiritual evolution
  • Letting go of my biggest hang-ups, fears (work in progress), bliss
  • Emotionally I released a lot of bottled up emotions such as fear, sadness, self-doubt, pain. Spiritually more connected to my Source which had not been connected before
  • I feel more complete. I also was given the gifts as tools to carry on in my journey
  • Acceptance of self. Learned how to stop negative feelings/thoughts/cell memory/experiences before they take hold of me
  • Dealing with core fears and got really clear about where the disconnect was and see things differently regarding money and not being good enough
  • A complete connection with Source and a greater clarity
  • I don’t know yet. Ask me again in a few weeks
  • Higher degree of knowing my co-creative part. Validation of my path for creating intention; amplifying “buddies”
  • I came looking for the gift of stillness. I identified patterns, shone light on them and I cam in stillness
  • I have accepted my purpose – which is to be a beacon of Divine Light in this world and to help the healing of all those on the planet and Mother Earth Herself. I have taken charge of my soul and my life by lovingly casting off the expectations and healing of my forebears and resolving soul fragments

Any comments about the two facilitators?
  • Perfection
  • Both of you are excellent facilitators and you work/play beautifully together
  • Wonderful!
  • Beautiful, loving, accepting, “Masters” of being able to bring in and be perfect love and light and share it to help others to heal
  • They are the two most open-hearted loving people I have ever met
  • Very good. Very grounded in a magical way. True ‘beauty’, colour, light, life, guiders back to the light. Two magical elves dancing us back into the light. Thank you
  • Stellar, magnificent, world class
  • Both are loving individuals and wonderful guides
  • I love and adore you both. You love shines through
  • Fantastic! Wonderful!
  • Treasures of love, guidance and wisdom
  • Very clearly manifest the work they teach
  • Fabulous soup cooks - one is a joker and the other runs the show. Love you both
  • Wonderful. The course structure was very good
  • Love ya! I am thankful for Joseph’s warm embraces and wise words
  • Profound and joyful
  • Blessed Beings who so happily and skillfully share their experience

How integrative and life-changing was your experience?
  • Very
  • I won’t know until I have taken it into the world. I suspect I will integrate this life-changing experience well
  • Greater peace. I will know more of it in the days to come
  • “Exceptional” this is the most powerful workshop I have experienced. I feel completely integrated and my life has changed
  • This experience has taught me to open my heart to everyone
  • Extremely
  • Very. I feel my heart has opened and I have tools for further openings
  • Realizing I have more work to do!
  • I believe this is just the start for me. It’s life changing for me in the sense that it’s opened up my vision to the bigger picture
  • Very life changing. I have a whole new understanding of compassion
  • I am free
  • This assisted me to walk in WHOLENESS
  • Big
  • I do not know yet
  • Becoming linked with Gomthar again is powerful and is still processing
  • I would like to maintain this space
  • Very. I have made changes that I never knew were needed to free me up and to be my own whole nature

How could the course be improved?
  • I can’t think of anything
  • Can’t think of a thing. And thank you for providing lunch – an extra bonus!!
  • It was perfect
  • I don’t think it could be improved other than the course would be longer
  • Not so much
  • I have no ideas for improvement. It exceeded all expectations
  • This is my first course (outside of yoga meditations)
  • Hmmm… not sure. Have chocolate?
  • Pair share. When you have time constraints and only 4 – 6 people can share and the rest of the group to share with their partner. Give 2 minutes or so to each person. It is not important that everyone hears what others say but it is important for everyone to have a chance to explore themselves if they so wish
  • See me and Betska about some of tools we use in Power Coaching in mind-kinetics
  • Spirit will tell you, I am sure
  • When Miriam is doing a guided meditation, keep the drumming and music low so we can hear her better
  • Having Babaji appear
  • 2 parts to Friday evening1. Why are you here? 2. What is your intention? I missed expressing the intention

How will the information and experiences from this course be useful in your life? Personally? At work?
  • In every moment/especially when I forget
  • I believe I will be and already am feeling more confident. I have a much stronger connection to my spirit guides, ascended masters, archangels and power animals. This will guide me in all areas of my  life
  • In my power to a greater degree
  • More joy in everything I do. Complete healing for increased energy and creativity. All my dreams will manifest and I will “be my passion”
  • Use my heart more to make my life better instead of my head
  • In all ways
  • I feel fuller and more loving and therefore have more to give in all aspects of life – personal, professional, social and societal
  • The awareness that we are all on a journey of so many challenges – patience with others
  • Very useful. I will be using it every day which has already impacted my life, personally and professionally
  • I have new tools for my daily meditations at work, where compassion will get me through and I will tire less
  • I know I can go to a safe place now and have the tools to effect my own healing
  • As a clearer whole being I will bring that in all areas of my life
  • Gave me greater openness, clarity and will 
  • I will be more aware, courageous and loving
  • Having more courage to follow the Red Road. Work – make more play instead
  • Soft and powerful
  • I need to integrate more before this will be clear. Yet, even now it is clear that I am more integrated and whole in my heart and consciousness and that this will be reflected in all aspects of my life.

What other feelings do you have from the course?
  • Inner joy, love, knowing, responsibility, care
  • I feel joy and gratitude
  • “Gratefulness!” Thank you. I love you both so very much! Excitement – Bliss
  • Joy, happiness, grounded and balanced
  • Wholeness, love
  • I feel more fondness for my fellow man – a greater sense that we are all one
  • How people love and support can nourish your soul. Group energy is cool!
  • It was very good. I’m thankful I attended and would recommend it to others.
  • Gratitude and peace
  • I have never experienced a workshop such as this. I was nervous coming but it was taught with gentleness, respect, fun – can’t say enough good things about it except thank you, thank you, thank you, blessings
  • Gratitude – thank you both for doing this work to facilitate so many to become WHOLE. Aho - Much love and blessings
  • Greater relief and surrender into an easier flow with Spirit
  • A feeling of community
  • I feel I want to do some more to continue with my growth 
  • Refreshed and quiet

To whom will you recommend this course?
  • Those who will listen and are ready. Although that’s hard to know
  • My clients and my friends
  • Many!
  • Everyone
  • Anyone who is willing to listen to what I experienced
  • Everybody in flow
  • Anyone who will listen! Anyone and everyone could benefit from such a course
  • I can think of so many girlfriends in Sacramento/California who need this course – here must think about it.
  • Friends, partner, family
  • My friends and colleagues
  • Friends
  • To some of my clients
  • Everyone that spirit guides me to!
  • Friends
  • Everyone
  • Everyone who is open
  • My sons

Heart Ways of Knowing and Being Participation Evaluation Form
February 9 – 11, 2007

What did you like best about the course?
  • Visualization to the center of the Earth to the Earth Mother’s cave – my experience during the visualization on Saturday was beautiful.
  • Dancing and guided meditations.
  • Being with and supported by everyone in a very special and safe place.
  • Joseph’s explanations; meditations
  • Joseph’s knowledge; Miriam’s presence; the other people.
  • The simple opportunity to spend time in such community.
  • The group; music; movement; meditations; handouts!! Heart connections and facilitators.
  • The rebirthing meditation and chakra meditation.
  • Meeting ‘spiritual’ people in tune with the Earth – old souls that have the ‘knowledge.’ I feel their love energy.
  • The meditation journeys.
  • The meditations; dancing.
  • Breathwork, sharing, humor, movement, dance, learning about all the spirits, drumming, smudging, cleansing.
  • The inner healing around my father.
  • Everything.
  • Reconnecting with the Mother through the Sunday late morning meditation through the imagery of my wolf totem. The meditations were the most powerful aspect of the weekend.
  • The people who were there and with Joseph and Miriam
  • I liked two full days focusing on myself and my own growth. I really appreciated the diversity of actions from dancing to meditation. Lunch was delicious!
  • Safe loving space created for those who were seeking at many levels – advanced ‘shit clearing’ techniques.
  • First Nation Medicine; working with animal spirits.
  • The Lightness, humour and open heartedness (Baring one with a residual core issue)
  • The meditations; heart opening, visiting the centre of the Earth.

What did you learn?
  • That I am just at the very beginning of my transformative process..
  • I have learned again that I have all the knowing that is needed in my being. I have an unlimited connection to Source.
  • There is not enough room under this question. Short answer – I learned about myself.
  • Listen to the heart, forget the ego.
  • That I need to invite my spirit guides (animals, avatars etc) to work with me. About Dendreah.
  • I don’t think I am conscious of it all yet. Deeper understanding that I am to change work – timing and how are still questions.
  • A greater appreciation for the world of the invisible. The power of intention through the heart. That joy is possible. 
  • About my fears and the concept of true love.
  • How to communicate with Spirit and my Higher Self. How to begin to heal myself. 
  • I feel I have a better ability to bring Light and energy to my inner self.
  • How to love!!! …myself … and others! That I am worthy of love.
  • That there are many avenues to opening and letting go in a nano-second.
  • To be thankful when I am triggered…for there is a reason.
  • To connect the …….
  • I see now that I really was disconnected in one aspect from Source. That one piece/peace has and will have a quantum effect on my life. (I was ready.)
  • I learned to listen to my heart first and eliminate filters.
  • I learned a lot about myself, slowing down, loving myself. I learned about integrating spiritual paths and moving towards wholeness within myself.
  • What I already knew but forgot once again. Increasing my relationship with Light. both absorption and transmission.
  • I reconnected with Mother Earth and love. Something I had lost a long time ago. I had the appreciation from before, but didn’t know how to connect and trust. I have to honor myself and take time.
  • Simply to let go and love; open and let her fly.
  • I experienced an open heart and felt my true nature (pretty awesome). I learned that the western patriarchy has already fallen and that in 5 years it will be complete. I learned some breathing and visualization techniques I can use to keep me connected in my heart, rather than in my head.

Which Experiential Techniques did you appreciate?
  • The visualizations accompanied by the drum beating – they were powerful even though I have difficulty letting myself go deeply into them.
  • Honor dances.
  • The dancing after meditation to celebrate my accomplishments.
  • Visualization Saturday after lunch – connecting 16 chakras. (I think there are 17, by the way, look around – you’ll find it!) Drawing exercise Sunday on Dreams and changing the ending!
  • The dancing and journeys to Dendreah’s cave. Heart connecting.
  • Cutting to the chase. Identifying residue core issues and transforming it.
  • The meditations combined with voice and drum.
  • Practicing visualization techniques for healing.
  • Breathing/Mindfulness work; smudging – was powerful – lead to a huge release.
  • Kundalini breathwork; grounding/envisioning chakras; drawing, partner sharing.
  • The crystal table and dipping in the pool.
  • Everything!
  • Guided meditations.
  • I enjoyed all of the experimental techniques. Meditation and attributes were very powerful. 
  • I appreciated the dance, the heart connection and some of the meditations although I found it difficult at times to stay present with them.
  • Group meditation/visualization/movement/discussion. Clarifying intention/will/focus.
  • I really enjoyed the meditations and the dancing to First Nation’s music.
  • The Earth Mother/Metagalactic Sun Breath work. This time I really felt the spinning chakras.
  • The ball of light from Source and allowing it to run down the front, middle and back of me; bring and healing and opening. Opening the chakras – the new ones out in the cosmos.

What Spiritual and Emotional Changes did you make?
  • The greatest change for me is the awareness of my greatest fears – I was only peripherally aware of them prior to the workshop.
  • Slowing down, honoring myself and trusting my connection to Source. Letting life live me.
  • Huge clearing of emotional body concerning unworthiness.
  • Connecting to Source.
  • Let go of fear. Let go of physical block in childbirth. Generally more relaxed and peaceful; centred and heartful. 
  • Felt some large emotional clearing from early childhood. Was taken by journeying and drum, metaphors, loving….
  • Definite frequency change.
  • I feel more ‘at peace’ in my heart; energized with the love energy.
  • I feel lighter, calmer.
  • Opened my heart to both spirit and others. Let go of issues with my mom of rejection and my father of abandonment.
  • Not sure; intention is all pain and suffering permanently gone; no blocks to Source. 
  • My understanding of abandonment and rejection had a huge shift.
  • I know big heart shift; life affirming to the Source I Am.
  • This workshop will allow me to trust myself more.
  • Ask me in a few months. I feel a shift towards calm comfort in myself, receptive leadership and heart based facilitation.
  • Cleared some old emotional blockages which have held back my potential. Connected more fully with at least 2 of my spiritual “heros”.
  • I understand, I trust, I feel safe. I honor my Higher Self; the energy and the changes I can make.
  • Open, open, open, surrender and trust my heart.
  • I have gained a new awareness and experience of Jesus. I felt an embodiment of Him and that is entirely new for me. I feel more “male energy” running through me now. I have come away with a stronger, more powerful perception of love; before I thought of love as more soft and wishy washy; now I experience it as powerful piercing and strong.

Any comments about the two facilitators?
  • Knowledgeable, accepting and comforting.
  • Two absolutely wonderful and openhearted people with a background of knowledge to allow me to fully explore the depths of who I am.
  • Miriam’s guided meditations were amazing. Dr J’s wealth of knowledge is astounding.
  • Great and fun.
  • None except thank you. Especially for accepting/including my daughter when she visited!
  • Lovely, lovely thank you. Always encouraging and directing me back to myself or being supportive as appropriate. 
  • Captivating couple! Centered, gracious, even more so – heart centered. Thank you for serving as transformational mirrors for me. 
  • Joseph is amazing with the amount of experience on many levels and Miriam with her calm demeanor and melodic voice. (Lovely lady) I have never met a guy like Joseph. A very highly developed love being with a great sense of humor and tremendous offering. 
  • Amazing knowledge – they have had many journeys.
  • Lovely, kind and gentle.
  • I can’t put into words how I think and feel about both of you… you are both “love” in it’s purest sense. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and hearts.
  • Kindness and depth of Christ. Skilled, knowledgeable, all heart; sweet as honey.
  • I love you both.
  • A marvelous marrying and weaving of you both. Our “star-heart” blankets are woven!
  • Kind. Loving. Intuitive. Inclusive.
  • Fantastic, peaceful and very warm!
  • Joseph brings an incredible degree of life experience and Miriam brings warmth and kindness on a profound level. 
  • Very open, gentle, loving beings with giant heart – obviously you guys are on purpose.
  • Joseph – your knowledge is so great, you are amazing. The way you teach is so clear. Thank you. Miriam – thank you for your patience, your gentleness, your kindness, the meditations.
  • Sun and the moon spreading Light and Love with each step on Mother Earth.
  • Miriam, I feel I have known you forever! I was distracted by Joseph coming onto my boyfriend throughout the weekend. (I am open to talking about this if you want to call me Joseph.)

How integrative and life-changing was your experience?
  • Wow! What a question! Very difficult to express in words.. it was life changing in the sense that It made me more conscious that my life needs changing. But this is the very beginning of what I think is a never-ending process.
  • We’ll see…won’t we?
  • I will tell you in a month or so after processing all of this.
  • Eye-opening!
  • Don’t know yet! I am leaving with a crystal crystalline body though – so we shall see!
  • Feels – hmmm – like a fundamental shift. I’m anxious now to see how I do integrate it into other facets of my life.
  • Still feel in process, however, despite moments of major resistance, the part of me that came here WILLING.
  • This experience has put all the pieces together with direction.
  • We will see. I will definitely meditate each day and ask for help to heal others and the planet. 
  • I don’t know yet. I feel like I am stronger and more centered.
  • Life changing it has been!
  • Don’t know yet, it will unfold. You will notice; hopefully the unity and couplehood will follow heart.
  • Beyond words.
  • Very!!!
  • Divine timing.. I’ve done so much energy shifting, growth, reclaiming of my authentic. The healing I received this weekend came on the wings of all of that I have already done and has opened new pathways for future healing – in an accelerated way.
  • Heart Ways of Knowing has left me a more peaceful person.
  • Moderately, again, ask in a few months.
  • We shall see.
  • I feel reconnected and am more conscious about my place on earth.
  • “Awesome”
  • I need more integration time before I answer this question.

How could the course be improved?
  • Perhaps limiting the workshop to a smaller group of people would benefit those of us who feel a little inhibited in larger groups.
  • More for lunch.
  • Perhaps by a larger space.
  • Either share your map (‘agenda’!) for the weekend up front OR explain why you would prefer no agenda over the weekend. Vary the music. Shorter (maybe end 1-2pm Sunday). 1 or 2 less guided visualizations (I found them tiring) – more time for processing in small groups?
  • Singing. Maybe 1 – 1 work.
  • I would like more info on Individuation for my lifepath.
  • No improvement necessary.
  • Not sure. It’s the first of its kind that I have been to.
  • Outside space or resort setting would have a big appeal.
  • Can’t think of any way to improve it.
  • Little bit more time at lunch. Felt rushed.
  • More massage oil.
  • I personally didn’t resonate as much with the written attributes exercise as well as the dancing and creative processes.
  • A nature walk would enrich the experience significantly. A smaller group would be helpful. More techniques are really needed to carry this work on afterwards.
  • Naked mud wrestling.
  • Circle sharing all around.

How will the information and experiences from this course be useful in your life? Personally? At work?
  • I am inspired to practice my ability (or lack thereof) to surrender – through visualizations, meditation.
  • I believe this course has now given me the ability to follow and express my heart clearly. There is clarity and joyfulness.
  • My path is more clear, my kids, my wife.
  • Life
  • Idea of developing attributes.
  • They will be useful in coming from the heart in all interactions, calming my mind, softer focus, more or less productive as appropriate. Clearer, cleaner relationships.
  • I wish to integrate what I have experienced in sacred time. Will read course material books.
  • With my interaction to people in general.
  • Help me to avoid “stress”. Release my fears and anxieties (stop worrying) just bathe in the love energy.
  • I will practice meditation more regularly.
  • In either situation, I’ve learned I need to listen to my heart’s truth… no agendas, no plan… I will trust my heart.
  • Breathwork connection key tool all day, each day.
  • I am freer to be more in the moment. 
  • Can’t specify – it’s all about fully integrating the new healings with the old.
  • This course has given me an awareness of everything around me.
  • I will be empowered in my path to live honestly from my heart. 
  • Clarity. Awareness. Hopefully my ability to see people’s pain/suffering/structures will be enhanced so that my interaction with all beings will be more full.
  • With my kids, in the ways I approach people, how I connect. I am trusting myself and hope to hear my heart clearer.
  • A closer, more open connection with Spirit and all wonderful attributes thereof.
  • I will make time every day to opening my heart and living from my heart rather than my head/mind.

What other feelings do you have from the course?
  • Self-reflection in the extreme!
  • Love and wonder.
  • Peace, love, happiness, grateful, liberated, justified, I am good enough. 
  • Joy, peaceful. 
  • Gratitude. Thank you for caring for us with activities, love, food, connections, wisdom and your heart felt desires for our development. 
  • Needing time to process and settle. Lighter, softer, gentler, more joyful, more connected, clearer. Still some lack of clarity around my work and people therein. 
  • Loved the stories! References to J. Campbell. M. Woodman.
  • It has given me a new power and optimism on the future of life and Mother Earth. 
  • I have met some very beautiful people who glow with love. I’m happy to have met them and hope to see them again.
  • I feel at peace. 
  • Joy at the openings I witnessed. Humility to have had time with Miriam and Joseph. 
  • It will grow.
  • Gratitude. Thank you for offering and sharing your wisdom.
  • Release.
  • Ask me tomorrow, or next week, or next month.
  • Dios Conduce.
  • I feel tired, but whole. Very rich presents for my birthday – today.
  • Cozy and friendly.
  • Inspired by a new way of being in the world – a new world coming.

To whom will you recommend this course?
  • My ex-husband!(Have you heard that one before!)
  • All who express interest in self development.
  • Hmmmmm?
  • Anyone who is open to experience it.
  • Anyone for whom it feels appropriate.
  • Anyone who asks.
  • Anyone interested in becoming a better person through love.
  • Anyone who will listen.
  • Anyone/everyone I know who is open to this type of experience.
  • Those seeking spiritual growth, or release of physical pain.
  • The Ocean Resort.
  • To all Brave – Hearts!
  • Those who already have a foundational level of awareness.
  • Anyone interested in the great experience.
  • To a few friends who would appreciate this work.
  • Open minded seekers who want to move heart stuckness.
  • Several friends, my daughter.
  • To those I feel will be open to give and receive.
Last week I had a wonderfull down load of pure ,no-thought energy from my third eye area towards the end of the evening. I found the whole evening rich in texture and nourishing to my soul. Thanks for focusing that, Joseph.


Dear One,
I have been sleeping better and better (and meditating better and
better...the biggest element for me is to stay focused in the moment,
the body, the blue light at a particular body point) thanks to your
61-point, 5-point Star, blue light meditation tape. Do you have other
tapes, with your wonderfully soothing voice, that I could buy?


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