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Meditation & Yoga

Kundalini Kriya Yoga Meditation
This training is based on Paramahansa Yogananda’s Teachings in The Autobiography of a Yogi and other classic texts such as The Bhagavad Gita.
This practical yoga based on breathwork, visualization, intention and energetic circuits in and around the body allows you to renew your strength every moment with simple, conscious breathing techniques. You will also learn how to recharge your life force energy through directing mind, will and intention through your body (which can store it like a battery). You can find out how to draw in unlimited cosmic energy through the body’s energy portals (marma points). You will enhance your health and body’s systems, especially immune, digestion and cardio-respiratory.

Healing Visualizations
We have created extensive healing visualizations based on NLP, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Story-telling, archetypes, dreams, symbols, world mythology, the rites of passage, First Nations traditions, and the needs of the Divine-human being to process and transform energetic thoughts and feelings in order to become complete, integrated and joyful.
By establishing the core themes, cross-cultural archetypal pathways, balancing the light and the dark, and engaging the heroic quest, over 35 years we have created the most powerful healing modalities and transformational journeys.
These are incorporated within the personal and group psychotherapy and quantum healing playshops-workshops.

Traditional First Nations Journeying
Using traditional stories and journeying techniques of the First Nations of Turtle Island, you are able to re-experience our Earth Mother Dendreah, our Ancestors, Animal Spirit Guides and Mitakuye Oyasin “All Our Relations.”
This is a series of practical, hands-on healing techniques which involves a self-focused energetic journeying with drumming and feathering. The purpose is to reawaken your soul and open your heart for healing, guidance, remembrance and finding your purposeful path. Anger, grief and fears are transformed into courage, love, strength, decision and action.

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