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Quantum Healing Playshop-Workshops (2 Levels)


Miriam Sanua and Joseph Martin Ph. D.

The Life Force within your being demands to be heard at this time, the connection with your Higher Self is seeking an opening so that it can be experienced. There is a flame within us that desires to speak out and be heard, so that it can trigger a transformation within ourselves. We are to be transformed and transfigured at this time. Our vibrational energies are to be heightened for we can no longer be asleep to the responsibilities that we bear as the Children of Source. For too long we have buried that awareness and allowed others to dictate what, how, when and why we believe. They have usurped our natural and primal right to discover the natural Great Mystery within. We have given our power away and thus have lost the ability to perceive the truth that surrounds us. The Earth Mother cries out for us to awaken before it’s too late. We are standing at the abyss, the point of no return and yet we hesitate to exert our authority that can make a difference.

Have we been given the greatest opportunity to shape our destination consciously? Are we becoming more aware that there is Divine Order in all things and that purpose will not be frustrated? What do we need to awaken within ourselves that will be the catalyst for change? Why are we suppressing our inner knowing that can enlighten our path? Why are we skimming on the surface of our lives, never seeking to delve within the depths of our being to fully realize that we are the Grand Plan, the depth and completion of it all?

Why do we continue to search outside ourselves for the answers that reside within ourselves? Are we to be natural Heart Masters, and how do we become that natural living Master of Pure Love? How do we shed those identities that keep us from our true nature? Are we more than our mere physical bodies? Is there more going on than our five senses can comprehend? Why are we so fearful of that which we cannot see, touch, taste, feel or smell? Why do we hesitate to explore deep within ourselves or indeed acknowledge that we are truly pure spiritual beings having a uniquely human experience? Have we been here before, and do we have a remembrance of our continuity? Why do we limit ourselves? Is this truly a New Age, are we living in the ‘End Times’ or the ‘fullness of time’? Are these the ‘phoenix days’? Are we living through the times of Revelation—what is to be revealed?

“HEART WAYS OF KNOWING AND BEING QUANTUM HEALING PLAYSHOP-WORKSHOP” has evolved for over twenty years. Individuals will be guided to remember and experience the awakening of the spiritual-mental-emotional heart as the center of highest consciousness of pure love, diamond light and immortal life. Foundational metaphysical and psychological truths of Creation are covered, including the place of each divinely human soul within creation. Instruction is given on the structure and knowledge of the heart and “Being the Love You Are”, including the seven higher intelligences and the ten great wisdoms of the heart.

This experiential workshop-playshop processes on all levels simultaneously through breathwork, engaging visualizations-meditations, grounding and opening to Source and higher cosmic energies through the 16 chakras, drawing and connecting the unconscious and conscious, creative writing to music, and group sharing.

Comprehensive training includes internal focusing, life path reflection, healing past traumas through timeline work, transformational Energy-Medicine healing of the Four Energy Bodies according to Ayurveda, use of mantras, and most significantly, shifting your consciousness from the mere intellect of the brain to the all-knowing of the heart-mind, which is the longest journey you will ever make. Come and experience yourself as a brilliant, open, flowing, unified being of love, awareness, kindness and compassion.


Dr. Neil McKinney, B.Sc., R.Ac., N.D. Naturopathic Physician
Reg.# 032 CNPBC Reg.# GA01611 CTCMA MSC# 30046
“The Source Co-Creations weekend was a deeply satisfying experience. Each element was so expertly crafted and lovingly presented that all the participants effortlessly entered a sacred space and had profoundly moving insights and real personal growth. With 35 years of mastery of the traditional healing arts it is not surprising that Dr. Martin and his wise co-creators were able to deliver authentic healing and spirituality. What is most delightful is how intensely joyful and fun it was ­ a sign of real connection to Source.

Thank you for your brilliant work. You are great teachers and healers. I had a stellar time, and got so much out of the weekend! You boys are the real McCoy. Lots of people dabble at this, but you really deliver.” Dr. Neil McKinney, BSc, RAc, ND

The Heartways experience was one of profound Love, opening, connection, remembering, joy, laughter and fun! With beautiful grace, humility and humour, the facilitating hearts of Joseph and Miriam helped me to open and find my own experience of deep healing, self-love and realization and renewed connection to Source and the Mother. Awesome! Sal

Heart Ways is a wonderfully simple reminder to let go of the habits of my ego and reconnect with the infinite beauty of unconditional love. It’s a bath in joy and a warm blanket of insight. Love Absolutely! Michael.

Thank you. This was really: beautiful, comfortable, well-planned, eternal, informative, loving and respectful. Monica

Heart Ways of Knowing and Being, Level One. Testimonials

What did you like best about the course?
  • The genuine love of the course leaders for each other and their helpful and non judgmental ways of helping us realize our own true nature
  • Open connection with the participants.
  • Meditations.
  • Creative, visualizations all experiential ­ who are you? The doorway etc. I had a break through with breathing capacity. Important info. If I am not fully loving ­ I deprive others.
  • Journeys.
  • The overall feeling of love.
  • Cozy. It was just what I needed on my journey.
  • Helped me tap into my true self
  • Its perfection.
  • Effectiveness & experiences of course leaders. They are the true loves of this world and beyond.
  • The spirit and the knowledge of the course leaders. Their message was received not intellectually but spiritually/emotionally.
  • The heart openings of the leaders & the support for me in opportunity for heart openings for myself.
  • The guided meditations.
  • The experiential nature of it ­ not overly based in theory/concepts. Spirit based and not intellectual. I feel more open

How will the information and experiences from this course be useful in your life? Personally? At work?

  • I am changed ­ open and loving. I’m on a path of the heart way of being. I want and intend to live in my heart and to forego rightness.
  • Experiencing love in everyday activities can only be positive!
  • Has helped me realize what to do/be.
  • May I remember that others are suffering if I do not fully live in my heart. This gives me permission: that it is my duty to live in my heart. Gentle will open the door.
  • A forever place in my heart to know and meet everyone and everything.
  • In every way! It will be a way of life now.
  • It has taken me out of believing into knowing.
  • Too soon to tell, but it will have a major effect!
  • In every possible way ­ The one and only way.
  • Every aspect of my life will benefit from the experience of just knowing and being.
  • So often I have impulses and ideas that are stopped by my fears and judgments. I now know how right those impulses are and that there are people in the world who live by them only!
  • A major step for me in self forgiveness & heart opening.
  • Yes ­ in all ways.
  • It will be an experience to live my life from ­ because it’s who I already am & so every aspect will be impacted.
  • Know I need to live in my heart more.
To whom will you recommend this course? / If you would not recommend this course, why not?
  • To all that I feel would benefit from it.
  • Anyone interested in connecting to their own LOVE share and willing to share it of course!
  • Everyone.
  • Those seeking an experience of Source.
  • My friends and family.
  • My best friend, I brought him as we are on parallel journeys.
  • My mom, sister.
  • Everyone who has the openness to want to experience “the true journey.”
  • To friends who have some personal development experience ­ who are seeking.
  • Not for those not already familiar w/ the language and ideas perhaps.
  • Everyone.
  • Friends on a spiritual path.
  • People willing and ready to come to their own light. Don’t think there’s anyone who would not benefit.
  • Friend who wants a weekend retreat to get in their hearts.


Miriam Sanua and Joseph Martin Ph. D.

Following on from the fundamentals of Level One in referencing the metaphysical and psychological truths of the Universe and purpose of Creation; participants have the opportunity to practically apply the attributes of the Emotional, Spiritual Heart in learning to exercise the creative re-empowerment of choice.

This is experienced through accessing the deepest feeling emotional responses and clearing the mental constricts where Love reigns over Intellect, Heart Knowing over Questioning, and Self-Forgiveness over Judgment.  The exercises further enhance the shift of assemblage points or focused conscious awareness from the head to deeper realms of the Spiritual Heart. Participants will be coached in the art of the Retrieval and Regeneration and Integration of lost, frozen Soul Parts back into the unity of the Higher Soul Love Consciousness.

A greater conscious awareness is created as to the planetary need for the sacred mothering of one’s inner child, first and foremost and then for the Earth Mother and all Her children and creation.

This course is an experiential quantum healing Playshop-workshop that simultaneously processes on all levels through:

•Dynamic Group sharing and truth telling

•Focused Meditations-Visualizations

•Opening to and grounding Universal Source Light energies through the chakras and Four    energy bodies

•Drawing and connecting the unconscious to the conscious and superconscious

• Inner processing through music, dancing and creative writing

Comprehensive training includes tangible methods and skills for:

•Full open access to the Spiritual Emotional Heart 24/7

•Flooding your energy bodies with diamond crystal Source Light-Love

•Internal Focusing to access Increasing Intuition and Self-Awareness

•Present-Future Life Path Reflections

•Healing Past Traumas energetically through LifeLine and Breathwork

•Transformational Energy Medicine healing of the Four Energy Bodies


                 The Second Level of Heart Ways of Knowing and Being offers the opportunity for profoundly deeper openings to the energetics of consciousness, accessing the innate intelligence and relationship of the Heart and the Universe in its vibratory frequencies for healing and promotion of greater connection to Immortality, the Spiritual Masters and the Universal Spirit of The Infinite Source.

More Testimonials

"Uplifting; Freeing; Ego-brain shift to heart; once again you two have helped our group join and raise our collective consciousness. Your teaching and love continue to help us all. Very few people have your heart, talent, understanding to do what you do – so well! Thank you both!
Light and Love”
RR. Sauble Beach ON
“My husband and I recently participated in the ‘Heart Ways of Knowing and Being’ Playshop-Workshop with Miriam and Joseph. I was intrigued by Joseph’s commitment and guarantee that I would be fully and permanently living in my heart on completion of the course. After completion, we noted that we were indeed functioning in a softer, more loving way with each other that has continued. The Playshop-Workshop was joyful and insightful, with new exploration into the Divine Heart and Her rich expressions of Life. Miriam and Joseph hold a profound and sacred space for unbounded silence, healing, play, Knowledge, intimacy, relaxing friendship, Beauty and Love.

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