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What We Offer

We offer our individual soulwork, groups and workshops in the following ways:
• one-on-one consultations
• family consultations
• quantum healing playshop-workshops
• group consultations
• story telling
• public speaking
• one-on-one business and personal mentoring
• on-site workshops
• off-site workshops
• on-site group-specific tailored training
• books, CDs, DVDs, music, mandalas and paintings

Our unique modalities and approaches combine a variety of learning techniques including facilitation, coaching, training, lectures, workshops and products. These individual soul work, groups and workshops demonstrate the connection between psychological and spiritual therapies and artistic expressions as aspects of the development of the human spirit.

Our interest is in personal and community growth - yours and ours.

We teach and apply experiences found in Western, Eastern and First Nations spiritual traditions and from the most current scientific methodologies, specifically Quantum Healing Modalities from Quantum Physics.

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