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Who We Are

Group Biography
Source Co-Creations is a unity within the Medicine Wheel with a deep and abiding passion to participate in the happiness and unfolding of each person and group we meet.

Our Vision
That each human being realizes their divinity and makes it manifest in every moment of life!

Mission Statement
To regenerate soul purpose through the full heart integration of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies.

"Kindness is the heart of living. It is what makes life vital, meaningful and delicious."

The skills we bring in order to serve you cover an excellence in all the fields of life: healing and health, spirituality, human relations, education and teaching, business, communications, all the arts and sciences, families and communities. Through our dedication to our own life-long, personal inner work we allow the love and compassion that we are to magnetize and electrify your own urge to be all that you can be.

Source Co-Creations Overview

Source Co-Creations is a partnership, a unique soul expression of committed professionals helping people to work through their individual/group/organizational life challenges; facilitating the awakening within individuals their meaning, gifts and soul purpose.

Our Philosophy is a Path of Hopeful Change

We recognize that most people today are overwhelmed and disconnected from their Source. Whether it's a sense of separation, fragmentation or disillusionment most people are not fully integrated within their Four Bodies.

This lack of self-knowledge produces all sorts of reactive behaviours. In order for each person to fulfill their soul's purpose and share their amazing capabilities with humanity, the Four Bodies must be integrated. Think of it this way-your soul came to Earth with a unique purpose and capabilities.

Through conditioning, many blockages were imprinted within your life. These barriers have left most people very disconnected from their original purpose and inner heart feelings. True Self-knowledge requires two steps. Step One is expanding the ego to merge with the Higher Self and unlearning external conditioning (parents, teachers, jobs, media). Step Two is co-creating the Self consciously by relearning from the inside out with the inner, intuitive guidance of the soul.

Source Co-Creations facilitates this awakening process in a loving, supportive and encouraging manner. What evolves is a fully integrated person who is in touch with their soul purpose. Does this journey take effort and commitment? Yes! What stops most people from attempting this is their fear and perceived inability to cope while on the path of hope. The inevitability and the challenge is that if you do not awaken NOW, all sorts of ailments can occur in each of the Four Bodies. We see this today in our global community-people with unprecedented health issues, emotional challenges and a general feeling of apathy.

Remember your Bodies are amazing creations and they will alert you through the manifestation of many illnesses. Imagine living a life of complete happiness and satisfaction-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Source Co-Creations is committed to that goal. This kind of life is possible. It starts with each of us and our commitment to healing ourselves and ultimately the planet.

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