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Healing and Integration of The Four Bodies

Physical Body (Self-Healing)
• Focusing, Visualization, Meditation
• Life Energy Breathwork and Bodywork™
• Personal Physiological Constitution
• Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Fasting and Detox
• Kriya Yoga and Meditation for Energy
• Qigong Exercises for Health and Healing
• Healing Circles, Animal Spirit Medicines

Emotional Body (Self-Awareness)
• Emotional Release and Management of: Anger, Rage and Shame; Sadness, Loneliness and Grief; Fear and Terror
• Creative Art
• Healing the Inner Child
• From Codependency to Interdependency
• Past Lives Karmic Healing
• Heart Ways of Knowing and Being
• Emotional Self-Discovery

Mental Body (Self-Confidence)
• Life Path Series Workshops (includes guided visualizations with music): Identity, Beliefs and Values, Capabilities, Attitudes, Behaviours, Environment (Inner and Outer)
• Pure Mind Training (NLP Plus): Basic Level, Masters Level, Trainers Level
• Exploring Your Dreams and Personal Mythology
• Focusing and Intuition Development
• Embedding Self-Trust in the Four Bodies
• Life Line Technique™
• Story Telling
• Dissolving the Ego

Spiritual Body (Self-Unity)
• Opening the Gateway to the Diamond Crystal Heart
• Principles and Practices of Etheric Healing (Source Healing Textbook & Remedies)
• Kriya Yoga and Meditation - Visualizations
• The Essence and Initiation of all the Chakras
• Unifying with All The Spiritual Masters

Customized Courses: We offer custom modular seminars of half day, full day and longer duration as well as evenings and weekends, depending on your needs. Fees range according to modules and time duration.

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